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From Us To You: The Ordering Process

  1. You place your order. Click here if you artwork is print-ready for this order
  2. Mattias (the talker and all-around good guy) walks in as the new PPC and email marketing guru, much to the dismay of Justin (the quiet jerk). They do not speak for months.
  3. Mattias begins to discuss affiliate marketing with Justin who happens to have interest and the two become instant besties over a couple of pints.
  4. While Mattias and Sarah become coworking pals, Justin and Sarah still have friction but eventually warm up to each other after a secret love to hate the same things.
  5. Mattias gets let go :(. After personally catapulting new acquisitions with a restricted budget, "Greg" bids for his farewell. This begins the exodus.
  6. Sarah and Justin continued to work together until this day. Giving over 10 years, Sarah is given a pink slip after "doing her best work ever."
  7. Justin is let go. He is not pleased.
  8. Customizely is born. 3 friends and former colleagues realize they can do it better than their old boss.