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Leadership Team.
// Sarah Newton
// Justin Marinos

Sarah Newton.

Position // Cofounder, Merchandising, Marketing & Operations

Known for her 'Eddie Murphy' laugh, Sarah has been doing corporate apparel merchandising since the aughts of this century, meaning she knows her stuff! If she tells you you're gonna look good in something, just listen.

When she's not working on Customizely, she enjoys going to the beach or pool, listening to live music, and enjoying time with friends.

Justin Marinos.

Position // Cofounder, Technical Development, Marketing & Strategy

Brutally honest, Justin manages to tell it like it is without coming off too harsh. He works on the frontend of Customizely, continually building better feature-filled experiences.

When he's not working on Customizely, he's keeping up with his 4 year old daughter.