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About Us.

Every business has a background story, a reason for beginning. Ours is no different. As 3 friends spending over 20 years combined in the industry, we hadn't seen the one factor we felt led to the best overall service in customized apparel - relentless improvement. We had always asked ourselves these same questions:

How can we make pricing easy to understand?
How can we simplify the ordering process?
How can we speed processing and delivery time?
How can we simplify things?
How do we keep improving and moving forward?

Feeling as though things weren't moving in the right direction with our respective employers, we changed course to begin Customizely. We've taken a more personalized approach with our customers, focusing on technology to do all the legwork and practically shop for them. We want to simplify and personalize things as much as possible. And so far we're not happy...

That's a good thing.

If we were, we'd be content. We'd make no more improvements and what you see now is what you get - and honestly, that's not good enough. We're going to continually improve, and being absolutely relentless in doing so.

"Can't say enough great things about this team - highly talented, industry experts that will make sure your needs are met. Great products and great customer experience!"

Kyle Foster
President, J. Peterman
We're committed to incredible customer selection, having over 20,000 product options to choose from with more being added all the time.
Founded in 2017